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WW II Photo If you haven't visited our History Section for a while maybe you should check it out. We have a rich heritage complete with many battles, a POW/MIA, a WWII connection, and a Medal of Honor Recipient.

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They say everyone has a novel in him waiting to be written. I know that everyone has at least a story he could add to the site. So give it some thought and write up something. It will help tell our story.

Our Stories Section also tells of the day to day living out of a hole in the Highlands. With vivid stories from some of our prolific writers.


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The 1/92 FA Association newsletter is published semiannually as a Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter edition. Regular features are the Presidents message, treasurer's report, notice of members who have passed away, member profiles, and reunion information. Other information that is included from time to time, are VA updates, historical unit events, book reviews, field artillery updates, special announcements, and any other information deemed of interest to our membership. POC is the editor of the newsletter.


Books & Merchandise

The Siege of LZ Kate as told by William Albracht, the young Green Beret Captain who took charge of the woefully unprepared Landing Zone.

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"The Siege of LZ KATE"

A book by Arthur G. Sharp promises to be a good account of the battle and withdrawal.

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March 8, 2021
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This website is provided for 1/92nd FA Veterans, their family members and friends, Veterans of affiliated units, and to all with interests in the 1/92nd FA rich history.

The purpose of this web site is to: provide information; promote a common ground; research an accurate history; assist fellow veterans and their families and to support veterans issues.

Where to Get Help for PTSD - Are you looking for someone to help you or a family member?

National Suicide Prevention
Life Line - Hot Line
1-800-273-8255 or TEXT 838255
Live Chat Confidential - Anonymous - 24/7 Support

For more detailed information about mental health resources, click HERE

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