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  The stories in this section are told by members of the 1/92nd FA and from members of other units that had the good fortune to have associated with us in some way. The stories are the personal experiences while serving with the the unit and range from battles to humor.

Updated October 24, 2015

  If you have a story to tell about the 1/92nd and your experiences, please take pen (or keyboard) in hand and put it down. Then send it to us. It's another step in telling our story.
Don't sweat it if you aren't a writer . . . not many of us have won awards, and you may surprise yourself. For information on how to send us your story click here.

'A' Battery


'B' Battery

A Battey and Its Wings Fred Stella
Flares Over 62nd Maintenance Tom Kanis
The Whistling Howitzers Tom Kanis
A- in May 1970 LZ Wildcat Robert Southern
Bobby Pope Bo Prehar


The Book Jay Livesay
Memories of 1/92nd Part I Gil Goltz
Memories of 1/92nd Part II Gil Goltz
Memories of 1/92nd Part III Gil Goltz
The 'Crappy' Chimp Jeff Danielson
The 'FNG'
Jeff Danielson
After 'The FNG' Jeff Danielson
The "Pressure Cooker" Jeff Danielson
The Bird Dog's KIA Jeff Danielson
Recogniton Over Due Jeff Danielson
Sounds Jeff Danielson
The Road to B Btry Jeff Danielson
FDC at Hambone Jeff Danielson
Crossing the Pond Ralph Calhoun Jr.
The Water Blivot Ralph Calhoun Jr.
Humor in a Near Death Experience Henry Hickman
Life on FSB 6 - 1969 David L. Mull
LZ Vera-Lawrence Seeley 4th Inf Divison
'The Quest' for Pete Smart-John Zoll
Memories of LZ Vera Larry Jeffers
Happy I Was There Alfred Gerstenschlager
Thank God I'm Alive James Hughes

'C' Battery


'D' Battery

Recollections - Phu Nhon - Jan/Feb 1971 David Powell
'You Dirty Rat!!' Steve Ollerton
Bits and Pieces Reg Karg
Rocket Attack on FSB Kelly S. Ollerton/D. Powell
On the Road in II Corps Jim Foster

LZ Swinger Lee Thompson
MY Year in C 1/92nd John Kerr
Dog & Pony Show Pat Weir

  The D Battery Story Ed McCullough
1/92nd Artillery Early Reflections Harry Harrington

'F' Battery


'HHB' Battery

'F' Btry Early Reflections Harry Harrington

See also the following from the History Section:

-Short History of 1/92d + F Btry

-F Troop Orders Extract

-F Btry Table of Distribution


On the Way to FB 6 E. Ray Austin
The Great I.G. Inspection Jack Cich
The Attack Jack Cich
An Arty Surveyor in VN Chuck Gall
On Ben Het Airstrip Chuck Gall
Albert Morton Nordquist Brent Roose
Princess John Considine
Funny Mad Minute Steve Walker
Mortar Attack
Mike Swasta
Mascot 'Satan' Edward McCullough Sr.
Montagnards Dennis Johnson
Air Observer Harry Harryington

'SVC' Battery


1st Mortar Attack Robert LaPlant

Memories of the 92d FA Larry Tesh



1st Bn 92nd Artillery General Stories

Remember Artillery?
Battle of LZ Kate
Memories of LZ Kate
Eldon 'Butch' Burdick

Sam Ardolino
Bill Harlan
Reginald H. Brockwell
Kenn Hopkins
Mike Burdick

The Awards, and Medals Page
Awards Page 2.

Awards Page 3.
Awards Page 4.

The awards earned by the men of the 1/92nd The Highland Tour Page 1
Ollie's Excellent Adventure
Highland Tour III - The Journey Continues
Highland Tour IV - Ollie's Friends
Contributions from one of our more prolific members, Steve 'Ollie" Ollerton.
Last Updated:7/14/00

The Wounded of Phu Nhon Brave men, who gave more than most Germany in the 50's A contribution by Ray A Grafflin about the unit in Germany in the 1950's.

S**t Burning Detail Hygeine in the Highlands is explained here
Last Modified 02/15/02
The Highland Centipede Some Critters in the Highlands
Last Updated: 03/26/01

Who Is This? Match photos to names. Help someone identify a person or send in your own photos.
Stories from Other Units Stories from other units about working with the 1/92nd Artillery.

534th FA
Some stories and history of before it became the 1/92nd.
Submitted by Chester Ball
  Return/Loved One Letter Humorous letter on how to treat the returning Vet.

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